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In mediation, conflicts are resolved with you retaining control and power over the process with the help of an impartial mediator. The parties work together to resolve the case, including property, parenting and support matters.

Mediation is a solution-oriented process. The mediator helps you examine conflicts in terms of needs and interests in order to reach practical, informed resolutions.

Our mediation process is flexible and confidential. It is a voluntary and neutral negotiation tool. We make no decisions and do not dictate the result. Rather, we untangle and simplify complex and chaotic conflicts that hinder amicable settlements, and explain the applicable laws. We will evaluate the parties’ positions and suggest likely results, if the case is litigated. We guide the process through to a mutually satisfying result, with long-term solutions that empower both parties.

Mediation can help you forge a new, different and healthy relationship for co-parenting, and create the posture necessary for a “successful” divorce.

Each of our experienced family lawyers has completed the 40-hour Mediation Training in family law. We will

  • Serve as a mediator,
  • Represent you in the mediation process with a third party mediator,
  • Coach you to achieve the best possible mediated result and,
  • If mediating for you, will prepare all documents.